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This Sunday we are heading to Century City to participate in the Doggie Street Festival. We are very excited to be taking some of our dogs to the event with high hopes they will meet their new forever families.
In October 2010 while hiking in the Sequoia National Forest, I had a terrible accident that landed me in Cedars Sinai Hospital for almost a month. I fell fifteen feet out of a fallen tree and snapped my jaw, cracked my cheekbone, pulverized my chin, and broke three bones on my right foot. ...It really wasn’t that bad, though because Cutter - my boyfriend’s pit bull - was there by my side every minute of the day.
On Thursday June 14, Angel City Pit Bulls' team attended the benefit premiere of the film "Shelter Me" in Santa Monica. Angelenos - the film will be airing this week on PBS - be sure to tune in!
Before adopting my first dog a couple of years ago, I used to be very afraid of wagging tails, from tiny Chihuahuas to larger breeds. Even after adopting Max, a Pomeranian mix, “bully breeds” continued to frighten me. That was until Rosie, a 6-month old female, pink nosed pit bull, interrupted one of my morning runs.
Los Angeles represents a diverse community, spanning a spectrum of people from all walks of life. A hubbub of activity and an apex for pop culture, Los Angeles is often a target of the media. People pay attention to what goes on in Los Angeles - and a lot of what they focus on are Hollywood romances.


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