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Our Adoption Process

Angel City Pit Bulls has dogs that fall under the generic term 'pit bull' who demonstrate stable, fun, people-oriented, outgoing personalities - making them fantastic family dogs. We have a wide range of energy levels, so whether you are looking for a running partner or a potential “therapy dog”, we will typically have a dog that will fit the bill.

Our goal is to provide adopters with the best possible adopter-dog match and we will work with you to find a dog that is right for your situation. Most of the ACPB dogs live in multi-dog foster homes, and enjoy the company of other well-matched dogs and some even with well-matched cats. We are happy to assist with family pet introductions.

To get started, we will ask that you fill out our brief questionnaire below and we'll set up a meet and greet for the dog(s) you are interested in. When you are ready to move forward with the adoption, we will arrange a home delivery to help you get settled in with the newest member of your family. Resources, support, and education are always available, and you can expect an extensive level of knowledge and support from ACPB for the lifetime of your dog.

All dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, up-to-date on vaccinations, and crate trained prior to adoption. We ask for an adoption fee of $250 for dogs over 6 months old, and $350 for a puppy under 6 months old. This non-taxdeductible contribution assists us in continuing our mission to help more dogs in need. We serve the Los Angeles area and parts of Southern California. Regrettably, we do not have the resources to adopt out of state.

For more info or to inquire about adoption, please fill out an Angel City Adoption Questionnaire or contact Shannon at

To see Courtesy Listed dogs available for adoption through independent rescuers, please click here.

With her wrinkly forehead, big saucer eyes, and delightful demeanor, Strawberry Shortcake is bound to win you over after a sniff to say hello. Snuggly, playful, sensitive, and smart are the adjectives her foster parents use to describe her, making her a perfect BFF and future family candidate.

Beulah is our resident unicorn and would love to say, “dello!” Beulah will be proud to show off her unicorn horn, which she thinks makes her extra special and extra loveable. Yep, a few visits to the neurologist (complete with “brain selfies” according to Beulah’s recounting of events) have confirmed that Beulah isn’t quite like the other dogs, but she doesn’t let that slow her down--and in fact, she’s trying to outpace the other foster dogs with her great house skills and eagerness to please!

Pebbles is the perfect mix of sophisticated and experienced while being silly, playful, and fun. Yep, she’s house trained, loves her crate, has nice leash walking skills, and knows all her basic manners (sit, stay, leave it, fetch, drop it). She’s also an eager outdoor explorer, a fetch aficionado, and is always down for a good couch snooze next to you. The most frequent phrases used to describe her? “An absolute delight” and “sweetheart”!

Jenny’s not the type to come to your house and help herself to a glass of water--she’s a quiet and polite houseguest, mostly preferring to hang in her crate during the day and then cuddle up on the couch for a movie night. That’s how Jenny prefers things for a while--she needs some time to feel at home. Her foster mom says slowly, but surely, Jenny is showing the dog that is inside of her: “Even though she’s shy, I know she’s in a good mood when she wiggles or hops up onto the couch enthusiastically!”

Sunbeams, seasonal fruits, chairs for exactly 1 (her), and long walks on secluded beaches: these are a few of Peaky’s favorite things. She’s the perfect COVID companion--she strongly prefers 6 feet from strangers and likes to keep the houseguests to members of the pod. Shaking hands and kissing babies may not be her jam, but if you’re a Real One, Peaky’s happy to lounge the day away as your sophisticated sidekick. With time, she’ll start to dole out her patented Peaky Pecks (the teeniest kisses) and press herself next to you on the couch.

The name’s Bug--Professor Bug to his colleagues. Like the greatest academic minds, he’s equal parts brilliant, sensitive, and neurotic (not to mention, dashingly handsome!) and is looking for a family that can appreciate his multitudes. Bug is a graduate of ACPB Academy, where he quickly mastered his basic obedience. He took his aptitude back to his foster home, where he began cracking advanced level coursework like learning to drop his tennis ball to keep a game of fetch going, which he’ll happily do for an hour straight.

Smiling, snuggling Sapphire is ready to bring her zen-like friendship and silly mojo to your home! Every morning, she begins the day with a ritual: she sits and presses herself into her foster mom’s chest, getting a long pet and a face massage, complete with piggy snorts and her chin on her FM’s shoulder. If you need a buddy for your morning mindfulness or coffee, Sapphire volunteers (but please don’t stop petting her!). Massages, snuggles, and pats are always welcome in Sapphire’s book, and she’s made a name for herself as “Best Hugger” once she gets to know you.

Playful, goofy, loving Ash is looking for his #1 who can help him become the Ultimate Good Boy he really wants to be. Once you get to know each other, Ash is an affectionate, smart, goofball who loves spending time with his people.

With her smushy, wrinkly face and her wonderful blend of affectionate and independent, Lilly V will bring guaranteed fun and cuteness to every day! Everyone Lilly V meets describes her as a smart girl who learns fast, including her trainers at the Paws For Life prison program, where she spent several weeks brushing up on her basics.

With her unique markings and happy attitude, Arielle turns heads wherever she goes! This gorgeous girl has won over volunteers with her sweet demeanor and readiness for whatever activities the day brings. She has a nice flexible energy, which often expresses itself as a burst of happy excitement and then settles into a nice, calm rhythm.


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