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May 2012

Last week we were alerted to an 8 week old puppy with a fractured jaw. He was found injured and running the streets. Unable to find medical help for him, they brought him to the West LA Shelter.
Unlike my husband, I had grown up with dogs; he hadn’t grown up with any pets. He was curious and excited by the prospect, but with one condition: AS LONG AS WE DO NOT ADOPT A PIT BULL.
Penny has gone from being overweight and sluggish to playful, with a thick and shiny coat; she’s well on her way to being bikini ready, just in time for summer.
Spring is a wonderful time of year, for all of us to start venturing out and enjoying the outdoors. Knowing which plants to avoid will ensure you and your pets can safely enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer!
Dog toys are essential in my doggy household. My two dogs love their toys! However, over time the money spent on toys adds up and by the end of a few months and several beat up and worn down toys, my bank account really takes a hit. I began looking for an alternative for more affordable toy options.


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