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125 pounds
Energy level: 
Up-to-date vaccinations
Basic manners
Foster home needed: 
Up for adoption: 

Sweet, sensitive jumbo Shrimp is ready to make himself at home on your couch, snuggling you the way only a 125 lb lap dog can! Take that weighted blanket out of your Amazon cart because Shrimp is ready to step up. Though snuggling may top his “favorite activities” chart, Shrimp is also happy to avail himself to you as a valuable office assistant, checking in with a quick nudge for pets and then going back to snoozing or checking out the scenes through the window. He picks up on the household routine quickly, and has learned that when the TV turns off at night, that’s his cue to hop off the couch and head to his cozy crate (which he loves!) for the night.

Walks are all good in Shrimp’s book--he’s happy to meander about town, showing off his pleasant walking skills. He’s also recently developed an interest in playing with toys, like the basketball he likes to pounce on in the yard. When he gets happy, you’ll get to see his XL bunny hop. As his foster mom hilariously notes, if Shrimp could choose a job, “He would absolutely choose to be unemployed with a sugar mama. He likes the finer things in life (nice couch, quiet house), but he absolutely wants to put out zero effort to get those things.” Who can blame him for that?! Can you make Shrimp’s dreams come true?

Shrimp is looking to be the only dog in the house to soak up all of your attention on his own. However, he would quite enjoy playdate opportunities with well matched dogs in your social circle.

About 4 years old and 125 pounds, Shrimp is crate-trained, house-trained, micro-chipped, up to date on routine vaccinations and knows his basic commands.

Photos of Shrimp