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Foster Friday: My Good Deed For The Year

December of last year at our company holiday party, I came upon a sad story about this little pit bull with a huge hematoma from a botched spay. We decided that we wanted to help her, this dog named Hope; our rationale was that this would be our “good deed” for the year. Well, our good deed turned into fostering this sweet pit bull that put a smile on everyone’s face, even our dog Marley. She spent Christmas with us; three weeks later, she was called up to meet her forever home, and left our house while leaving a mark on us that would last a lifetime.

During my grad school spring break, Angel City Pit Bulls approached me again about fostering a little blue pit named Mathilda. During our time with her, we have seen her come from a sickly (think - lots of green snot) little puppy to a loveable and happy dog. Our good deed for this year turned out to be fostering who we now call: “mini-pony”, as she has a small body with a big head. She fits right into our schedule, and goes along with whatever we throw at her - just like Marley. A car ride to the grocery store is so much fun, and laying around watching TV fits into her schedule, too.

My experience in fostering with Angel City Pit Bulls has given me a great appreciation of the art of being a foster parent. Using my skills as a nurse to better 'Tilda’s health allows for the future adopters not to have to worry about what they are getting into. My good dead not only benefits ‘Tilda, but also her future forever parents. Whenever she finds her forever home, I know that she will be the best mini-pony she can be.

Mathilda's Foster