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Foster Friday: Everyone Loves a Georgia Peach

Georgia won me over on my first walk with her when I leaned over to scratch her behind the ears and she promptly flipped over so I would scratch her belly. That's pretty much how it goes with Georgia. It doesn't take long to fall for her. She might be built like a tank, but she's the cutest little tank you've ever seen.

While Angel City Pit Bulls did pull Georgia from the South LA shelter, we're pretty sure she's the result of some crazy genetic collaboration between the SciFi channel and ESPN. You'll notice the feet of a Sasquatch and the ears of a bat with the body of a linebacker and the athletic chops to match. Given her language skills, it is pretty clear to us that SciFi won the custody battle and she spent much of her early life in the company of a family of Wookiees. Our contract with Chewbacca recently ended, so if anyone out there speaks Shyriiwook, we'd love to know what Georgia is saying.

Beyond her skills as a linguist, Georgia also recently completed some additional education with some of the best trainers including Cinimon Clark at Turnaround Training and Laura London at the Zoom Room in Hollywood. In addition she has been taking me to Dogman where she's been wowing the group with her brains, beauty and braun, as well as her phenomenal mouth-eye coordination.

At home she's as energetic and friendly and loving as could be. She splits her time between chasing balls and toys in the back yard (the mouth-eye coordination is much better with treats), chewing on her favorite bone (a Tank bone of course) and snuggling on the couch (though only when invited). We have certainly fallen for Georgia and so will you. Just wait until she does her little ballet sit on your foot or lays down next to you froggy style.

Georgia's Foster Dad