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Foster Friday: Dove-a-licious

When I think about Dove, I think words like "success", "resilient", and "inspiring". These are nice words to think but even better to live, and thanks to Dove, I have been living these words for the past four months. Dove came into my house on his belly, with his tail tucked all the way under and his eyes firmly on the ground. When I looked at him for too long he would shake; when I talked to him he would curl into a ball. He exhibited all the signs of abuse. These days Dove wags his tail every time I talk to him, runs to the door when my husband comes home, and is just starting to understand the love of belly rubs.

Dove tackles each new challenge with determination. You can actually see him preparing himself to try something scary, refusing to give up. When he finally mastered the dog door he spent the entire evening running in and out, in and out - so happy with his new skill! I find it kind of funny to say about a dog, but he has the most courageous spirit I have ever met.

Other than a lot of patience, Dove comes along with some very specific requirements for any prospective family. While he still has some trust issues with new humans, he views all dogs (and even our cat) as his best friend. He needs another dog to lead the way in most everything he tackles. He also needs canines for playtime – you have never seen a dog play with such happy abandon! I am not sure if he would do well living with young children, however, as his ideal home would come without loud noises, sudden movements, or high-volume voices.

Dove also requires a lot of snuggling. Be prepared to administer hugs, back scratches, kisses, and belly rubs. The more confidence he gets, the more affectionate as well. Who knew such a timid boy had so much love to give? Dove is about eighteen months old, 50 pounds, microchipped, crate-trained, house-trained and is learning his commands at Turnaround Training's puppy class. He will need to continue obedience class once he is adopted as well, to fully master his commands.

There is an astonishing amount of joy that comes from being a part of Dove’s world and watching him “unfold”. I like to think I am helping Dove to be a better dog; the reality is he is helping me to be a better person. He is the most amazing success story. Are you ready to be part of it?

Dove’s Foster Mom