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Our Adoption Process

Angel City Pit Bulls has dogs that fall under the generic term 'pit bull' who demonstrate stable, fun, people-oriented, outgoing personalities - making them fantastic family dogs. We have a wide range of energy levels, so whether you are looking for a running partner or a potential “therapy dog”, we will typically have a dog that will fit the bill.

Our goal is to provide adopters with the best possible adopter-dog match and we will work with you to find a dog that is right for your situation. Most of the ACPB dogs live in multi-dog foster homes, and enjoy the company of other well-matched dogs and some even with well-matched cats. We are happy to assist with family pet introductions.

To get started, we will ask that you fill out our brief questionnaire below and we'll set up a meet and greet for the dog(s) you are interested in. When you are ready to move forward with the adoption, we will arrange a home delivery to help you get settled in with the newest member of your family. Resources, support, and education are always available, and you can expect an extensive level of knowledge and support from ACPB for the lifetime of your dog.

All dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, up-to-date on vaccinations, and crate trained prior to adoption. We ask for an adoption fee of $250 for dogs over 6 months old, and $350 for a puppy under 6 months old. This non-taxdeductible contribution assists us in continuing our mission to help more dogs in need. We serve the Los Angeles area and parts of Southern California. Regrettably, we do not have the resources to adopt out of state.

For more info or to inquire about adoption, please fill out an Angel City Adoption Questionnaire or contact Shannon at

To see Courtesy Listed dogs available for adoption through independent rescuers, please click here.

Mama: An accomplished snuggler, a keen adventure trotter, an ice cream enthusiast, a toy hoarder to the max. She’s a whirling dervish of 100% delight--she is who she is. Mama joined us as part of a long journey that began in Canada, where she was confiscated as part of a dog fighting bust. After a several years long battle for the dogs to be released to rescue, Mama made her way to the Dogs Playing For Life National Canine Center in Florida for a chance to have a brighter future.

Wiggly, friendly, and, well, pretty--meet Pretty Girl! She’s gentle and sweet while still being down for some fun, and we think she’d make a great addition to many types of families. Pretty Girl has fantastic house manners and is quite affectionate.

You may get googly eyes when you look at Guapo--just as his name suggests, he’s the handsomest guy in town! Guapo eagerly meets volunteers with a big body wiggle, and is ready for whatever the day has in store. He’ll make a great companion for neighborhood walks and hikes (be prepared to get stopped by all your neighbors commenting on his good looks), but would be equally happy to spend a lazy day with you hanging around the house.

Who’s ready for a Pepper party?! We first met Pepper at the East Valley shelter with her tiny sproutling puppies. Now that they’re out of the house, Pepper is ready to live it up as a young dog in the city!

A professional napper, a taste tester, head of quality control for all of his toys: Pepe’s got all the resume skills he needs to join your family. His goofy, sweet demeanor will keep you entertained, and his chill energy level will make him an easy addition to your routine--a stroll around the neighborhood is all he needs to feel satisfied for the morning!

The name “Bug” might be short for “waterbug,” because the first thing this fun-loving boy does when he hits the play yard is jump in the pool and dunk his whole head underwater! Beach lovers and stream-crossers may want to keep Bug at the top of their lists for future best friends, because Bug will never say no to a day where getting wet is guaranteed!

Shenandoah is ready to live her best life with you! Shenandoah came to our program with 6 underage puppies in tow. After seeing them off to their adoptive homes, Shenandoah is happily enjoying the benefits of being an independent lady once again.

Newt is ready to find his future family! While in foster, he's been making waves as a fantastic office dog at his foster mom's pet friendly office. This sweet boy opens up on his neighborhood walks and has a nice flexible energy level.

Don’t let his perma-pout fool you--Thatcher is a happy, goofy dude, and he’s ready to keep you laughing! Thatcher loves bouncing around the yard and getting pets from every volunteer he meets. Thatcher would love to trot around town with you or hit the trails for a hike, but once he’s home on his own dog bed, he’ll be happy to curl up and enjoy a bone while you chill at home, too.

With her adorable slightly-crossed eyes and her always smiling face, it’s no wonder that Ladybird is a volunteer favorite at our program. Now she’s ready to become your favorite and bring her unwavering positive attitude to her future family. If we know one thing about Ladybird, she'll make every day she's with you into the happiest day.


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