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Join us and our amazing dogs at the 6th Annual Super Pet Adoption in Irvine on June 3rd!
Luna is a sweetheart who seems relaxed and happy with every person and dog she meets. Luna is about one year old, and came to Angel City Pit Bulls from the Baldwin Park Shelter, at the Best Friends Super Adoption.
Here at Angel City Pit Bulls, we are no strangers to the term “foster failure.” In fact, almost all of our core members and most devoted volunteers can be crowned with this title.
I take my dogs to the dog park almost every day; almost inevitably, I end up in a conversation about what I do for a living. I own a dog walking and pet sitting business, which also leads to what I do on the side - volunteering and fostering for dog rescue groups...
"You can't hold a dog like that and then not keep her," said Trevett, my oldest brother. It was early November of 2011, and I was intimately but not inappropriately spooning Maggie May on the floor of my apartment in Miracle Mile...
I’m fairly new to the world of pit bulls. I rescued my first pit bulls about 2 years ago when I came into the care of a litter of 10 very young pups. I had no idea when I jumped at the opportunity to help them that I would be forever sucked in by the charming, devoted, goofy, loving and special personalities that make pit bulls so amazing (I mean really, I didn’t stand a chance!).


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